2021 Skegness Raceway & Buxton Raceway Junior (Micro) Rods
Following discussion over the last few years we are pleased to announce that Skegness and Buxton are looking at doing approx. 5 meetings at each track where drivers from both promotions can race as a joint trial.

Visiting Drivers won't score points.
This to an experiment for 2021, so where cars line up etc will be reviewed each meeting.
Looking forward Skegness hope to use the Buxton rules alongside our own for 2022. Then review for 2023 and onwards.
To add you must hold a Skegness or Buxton licence to race and a Skegness driver must race a Skegness Car and a Buxton Driver must race a Buxton car.
Please stay safe and follow government guidelines and we can get Back Racing.

Rob & Asha Speak Skegness Raceway
Matt Watson Buxton Raceway