Fixtures and Championship notes

Sunday 15th March - 1.00pm - Skegness - GRQR
Sunday 29th March - 1.00pm - Skegness -
Sunday 5th April - 1.00pm - Buxton - GRQR
Sunday 12th April - 1.00pm - Skegness - English QR
BH Monday 13th April - 1.00pm - Skegness - English Championship
Sunday 3rd May - 1.00pm - Skegness - GRQR
BH Friday 8th May - 4.00pm - Buxton - GRQR - Northern Championship
Sunday 24th May - 1.00pm - Skegness - GRQR
Saturday 6th June - 4.00pm - Skegness - UK QR
Sunday 7th June - 12noon - Skegness - UK Championship
Sunday 21st June - 12 Noon- Buxton - GRQR (Last chance)
Saturday 4th July - 5.00pm - Buxton - Gold Roof Championship
Sunday 5th July - 1.00pm - Buxton
Thurs 16th July - 7.30pm - Skegness -
Sunday 26th July - 1.00pm - Skegness - British Championship
Thurs 13th August - 7.30pm - Skegness
Sunday 16th August- 1.00pm - Buxton - Peaks Championship
Tuesday 25th August- 7.30pm - Skegness
Monday 31st August- 1.00pm - Buxton - European
Thursday 3rd Sept - 7.30pm - Skegness
Sunday 13th Sept - 1.00pm - Buxton
Sunday 20th Sept - 1.00pm - Skegness - Steve Newman Memorial
Sunday 11st Oct - 1.00pm - Buxton - Whites and Yellows Championship
Sunday 25th Oct - 1.00pm - Skegness - Supreme Championship
Sunday 8th Nov - 2.00pm - Skegness - Double Points National Final
Sunday 22nd Nov - 1.00pm - Skegness - Winter Nationals

Buxton and Skegness are very pleased to be working together again in 2020 with regards to 1300 Saloon Stock Cars and we are happy to announce the above dates with Championships. One major thing to notice is the switch of Championships for a 2020 trial with Buxton staging the Gold Roof Championship and Skegness having the British Championship. A few other things are changing within the formula which we will outline below.

Gold Roof Qualifying (GQQR) will change so that there are 3 rounds at both Skegness and Buxton with the top point scorer getting pole and so on, No more picking tracks this is now down to points scored at each round to form the grid.

With regards National points (Silver Roof) these will now be National with one set of points for both tracks with your average still determining your grades. (The promotions reserve the right to upgrade anyone we feel is not grading accordingly) no playing the grades ladies/gentlemen. Sunday 8th November will see the final for the National Series and will be a double points scoring meeting held at Skegness.

Track Championships, these will still be held as a separate point’s chart for each promotion however a driver is only eligible to win them if he/she is licensed with that promotion. This will as before carry the silver stripe. 

We are seriously looking forward to running the 1300s again at both tracks and we thank you for your continued support in 2020 and wish you all the best for this upcoming season.