Skegness Pre 85 Team Meeting 17th June noon –Prize Fund & Format

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With just over 3 months to go until the big day, we can now reveal the prize fund and race format, for the Skegness Pre 85 team meeting on the 17th June 2018, with a total prize fund amounting to £5000.
Details are listed below, and as you can see, the split has been designed to try and give a chance for all types of driver to try and secure some of the prize pot, be it those who like to entertain, those that bring smart cars, those that like the material, and simply those that are out and out racers.

Special Awards
Smartest Team £300
Material Team £300
You cannot win both of these awards.
A further 10 x £50 merit awards, for drivers who have NOT won smartest or material team.

All 12 heats 
All teams will be allocated 3 of the 12 heats.
Points scored 10 points for win, down to 1 point for 10th, dependant on amount of cars finishing a race.
Top 3 prize money
1st £30, 2nd £20, 3rd £15
Panel of judges to nominate top 3 entertainers, winner will be decided from those nominations by crowd reactions to each driver when announced. 
Winner £25 & 10 points, other 2 nominated drivers £15 & 5 points.
Points all totalled after 12 heats (including entertainer points)

Top 15 point scoring teams go into A final, all other cars go into B final

B Final
B Final is winner takes all with £30 to winner, and 50 points scored. Complete team of the winning driver then goes into the A final.
B Final entertainers will be the same prize money as the heats, but no points scored.

A final
A final points to be scored are 20 points for win, down to 2 for 10th depending on amount of cars that finish the race.
Prize money is £50, £30 & £20.
Entertainer winner is £35 plus 20 points, other nominated entertainers is £20 plus 10 points.
All points will then be totalled.
Top 6 teams win £600, £500, £400, £300, £200, £100

Destruction Derby
DD winner £60 & Best entertainer £40

The format has been planned, on the basis of the 45 teams we have booked in to race (fully booked & we do have a reserve list). As mentioned above with just over 3 months to go, we now feel it’s time to contact every team that is booked in, for confirmation of their booking, as any team dropping out would still give a reserve team 3 months preparation time for the meeting. We do respectfully ask that you do consider your fellow racers to give those reserves a fair chance, in other words if you are coming, that’s brilliant, but if there is a serious doubt, can you please be fair to give others a chance.
We would also ask that those teams with any drivers to be confirmed, can we have those driver details ASAP please. If there are any multiple teams and captains, wishing to shuffle drivers around within your teams,  
E.g. Change a driver from the A team to the B team, this can be done now as well. 
Our aim is to produce a full and accurate booking list as we can in the next couple of weeks, so captains be prepared for a phone call or text message in the very near future, but on the other hand, if as a team captain you wish to contact us fist, feel free to do so, either by text on 07798868947, by email to or via the Skegness Raceway Drivers page.