ICB & RS Motorsport 2018 F2 Sponsorship at Skegness Raceway over £4000!!

Each F2 Meeting will have grade awards as follows, including Trophies
White - £60
Yellow - £40
Blue - £35
Red/SS - £25

4th Nov
£1000 winner take all race, you must do 12 meeting at Skegness before the 4th Nov to qualify for this race. It will be run over 16 laps in normal grade order but drawn in grade. There will be a couple of wild cards place for this race decided by the sponsors who will also put a number off goodies into this race as well. More details nearer the time.

There will also be two season long trophies from the sponsors, tongue in cheek here from Ivan and Warren!

Pussy Award, for the driver who moves over the most
Tiger award for sticking at it and never giving up!

Our Thanks go to Ivan Bedford and Warren Taylor for their continued support of Skegness Raceway

Remember for details of all our events visit www.skegway.info